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Introduction to the AUDUSD

In the US Dollar spot exchange rate, AUDUSD and the EuroUSD are both currencies that have their own share of merits and demerits. You can also use the EURUSD to determine the value of your savings account and other currency transactions in the world market.   Of course, there is nothing like the dollar spot…

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Trade Gold and Silver at Forex

  Trade Gold and Silver at Forex Silver and gold are two of the most precious metals on the market today. They provide people around the world a safe haven to invest in while dealing with all the other currency.   You may be one of those who have money but haven’t bought anything for…

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Demo Accounts For Beginners

Before you decide to start with any kind of Forex trading, you must first figure out if you want to learn to work as a Forex trader or do you want to start with a demo account for beginners. A demo account is usually used by newbie traders to give them a trial run before…

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